colouR enerje powerstick

enerje colouR

charging your phone doesn't have to be boring

Smart phone batteries just don’t last as long as they used to. With all the apps sucking your battery dry it’s frustrating when you’re out with your friends and want to capture that selfie only to reach for your phone and it’s flat.

enerje’s colouR range is a fun, slim charger that easily fits in your pocket or bag so there’s no reason to miss that selfie moment.

enerje solaR

enerje could save your life

Unfortunately when bushwalking or hiking incidents can happen. Imagine being stuck in the middle of the bush with a phone or GPS with no charge…

The enerje solaR simply clips to your backpack using the supplied carabiner and will charge while you enjoy the scenery. The built in LED torch is an additional safety feature.

solaR enerje powerpack

poweR enerje powerbank

enerje poweR

don't commute without enerje

Commuting isn’t enjoyable at the best of times but when your phone or tablet run out of charge a few minutes into a 2 hour commute there’s nothing worse.

The enerje poweR is a 10400mah portable power pack than can be stored in your handbag or briefcase and will supply your devices with several  full charges.

enerje timbeR

charge your phone in style

Powersticks don’t have to always be made of metal or plastic. The enerje timbeR case is crafted from a piece of timber so each enerje timbeR has a unique wood grain finish. The enerje logo is laser etched into the timber creating a truly beautiful charging device perfect for any occasion.

With the enerje timbeR there’s no reason to be embarrassed to charge your phone in public.

timbeR enerje powerstick