Charging with style

The timbeR 2600 Power Stick is as functional as it is stylish. With it’s unique timber grain finish you’ll be hoping your phone runs out of charge just so you can show it off to your friends.

Key features

One full charge for most smart phones with fully charged enerje timbeR
Charged ready to use
2600 mAh battery
Micro USB charge cable included
Charge indicator

enerje timbeR powerstick charging iPhone 6

Details and Specs

  • enerje timbeR 2600mah power stick
  • micro USB to USB flat cable
  • enerje microfibre bag
  • Apple micro USB to lightning adaptor (if required)
  • instructions


  • Height: 2.8 cm
  • Width: 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Length: 12.1cm


  • Input: 5v / 1A
  • Output: 5v / 1A
Apple iPhone Models Samsung Galaxy Models Other Models
iPhone 3G* Galaxy S3 Nokia
iPhone 3Gs* Galaxy S4 Sony Ericsson
iPhone 4* Galaxy S5 Blackberry
iPhone 5 Galaxy Note HTC
iPhone 5c Galaxy Note 2 LG
iPhone 5s Galaxy Note 3 Motorola
iPhone 6 Galaxy Note 4 Telstra ZTE
iPhone 6 Plus Galaxy Note 5
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus

* will need to use your genuine cable – lightning adaptor will not fit

the enerje timbeR will charge any smart phone with a Micro USB charging port

if you don’t see your phone listed here, please contact us hello@enerje.com.au

The enerje timbeR features an ‘Intelligent Protection Function’ to prevent overcharging, overdischarge, overvoltage and shortcircuit.

What can you charge?

enerje timber powerstick charging capacity

Common Questions

How many times can I charge my phone before recharging my timbeR?

Your timbeR will supply your basic smartphone (eg. iPhone6 or Samsung Galaxy S5) with one full charge from dead.

How many charge cycles will I get out of my timbeR?

The enerje timbeR has been tested through 400+ cycles of charge and discharge. That means that you can charge your phone once a week with your colouR for the next 7 years!

Does my timbeR comply with industry standards?

Yes, the enerje timbeR complies with CE, CEC, FCC and RoHs certifications.

Can I charge an iPhone 4 with my timbeR?

Yes you can. Unfortunately we don’t supply a cable to connect your iPhone 4 to your timbeR but if you use the cable that was supplied with your iPhone it’ll work perfectly.

What else can I charge with my timbeR?

You can charge most small devices that charge via a micro USB or lightning cable. The input charge of your device must be 5 volt and 1 amp.