yellow enerje solaR 5000mah standing up
yellow enerje solaR 5000mah laying flat
yellow enerje solaR 5000mah laying flat 2
black carabiner supplied free with the enerje solar
USB to Micro USB flat cable
enerje-apple lightning-adapter

solaR yellow

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The enerje solaR 5000 is our uniquely designed solar powered unit. It can be charged by either the sun or via the Mico-USB connection. This makes it perfect for any outdoor activity like fishing, hiking or golf, simply clip the enerje solaR to your belt or backpack using the supplied carabiner and you’ll always have a source of power to charge your USB devices. 2 USB outputs means you can charge two devices at once and the LED torch is just an added bonus.

Sick of having to leave the beach early because your phone battery is flat? enerje solaR is the answer.

The enerje solaR comes fully charged and ready for use.